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About Augusta Wisconsin and its Advertisers

About Augusta Wisconsin and its supporters. A rural community nestled in the heartland of northwest Wisconsin

Nestled in the heartland of northwest Wisconsin, the small rural community of Augusta is an intriguing destination. The town’s main street is highlighted with many specialty shops offering unique shopping experiences. The Augusta area also features sightseeing, camping dining and cultural opportunities

Settled in 1864 Augusta attracted many English, German and Scottish settlers to the area. The community grew quickly because of lumbering, mills and fertile land. Many people worked in the wheat and flour mills, canneries, cheese and butter factories. Experiencing surprisingly few changes over the years, Augusta remains a small picturesque farming community. The bean cannery is still a main industry. Augusta has many things to offer along with many commercial businesses such as cheese production, candle and soap making and a small but quaint antique shop.

Located just out of town, The Dells Mill Water Powered Museum and pond have been pictured on countless calendars for many years.

Augusta provides the traveler with the taste of American of the past. A visits reminds one of those olden times,, which were simpler, kinder and gentler in so many ways, Friendliness may indeed be the byword of this community, and can be experienced in any number of the fine local restaurants or retail establishments. Directions and information is readily available from the nearest passerby. A local Amish community of over 150 families provides a glimpse into the religious lifestyle of these hard working people

 The Augusta calendar is punctuated with special events throughout the year. During the 4th of July weekend “Bean & Bacon Days” acknowledge the special role of the Bush Cannery within the community. During October, the townsfolk produce and avenue of scarecrows to decorate the streets with autumn colors. Include Augusta on your travel itinerary. A visit of a few hours or a few days will be well worth the effort. Come see all that Augusta has to offer

Augusta Wisconsin Business Map

City Hall
2. Dells Mill
3.Sandy Hill Campground
4. Henning Art Gallery
5. Augusta Hitching Post
6. The Woodshed
7.Creative Touch Floral
8.Our Daily Bread Bakery
9.Shong Pharmacy
10.Stone Street Collectibles
11.Heartfelt Keepsakes
12.Grandma's Cafe
13.Weavers Country Store
14. Unity Bank
15.Augusta Meats
16.Tugger's Cafe
17.Bush Brothers
18. Tep's Drive In Restaurant
19.Gingerbread Jersey Cheese

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